Seeking PhD Student (October 2022)

About the project

I am currently recruiting a PhD student to investigate the processes that underpin learning and decision making in the human brain. This opportunity should appeal to students interested in neuroeconomics, computational psychiatry, behavioural economics and reinforcement learning. 

The student will investigate how the brain integrates information it receives (e.g., a positive COVID test result), how the parameters of these learning processes determine expectations about the future (e.g., how long do I expect to live?), impact the actions we choose to take (e.g., whether to explore a new career opportunity or not), vary when we come under threat (e.g., a pandemic) and relate to symptoms that emerge in clinical disorders (e.g., depression). The project will incorporate a mixture of behavioural experiments (in person and online), computational modelling and functional neuroimaging. Applications are invited from strong and motivated candidates, committed to open and transparent science. Interested students can have a background in *any* relevant subject (for example – and this is by no means intended as an exhaustive list – Psychology, Computer Science and Economics). Candidates from social and demographic groups that are underrepresented at PhD level are strongly encouraged to apply.

Those interested should, in the first instance, contact me by email to discuss.

Overview of UEA

The School of Psychology at the University of East Anglia is a new department which has fast become a thriving centre of computational neuroscience research with state-of-the-art facilities (including a new 3T fMRI scanner) alongside outstanding scholars and teaching programs (e.g., BSc in Computational Psychology) that specialise in this exciting field.