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A thoughtful commentary piece about this paper: 

Engelmann, J.B., & Fehr, E. (2016) The Slippery Slope of Dishonesty. Nature Neuroscience 19.12 (2016): 1543-1544

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Forthcoming Articles

  • Garrett N, Allan S, Daw ND (in prep) Habits can arise from model-based planning due to latent cause inference
  • Garrett N, Kroes M, Phelps E & Daw ND (in prep) Model based and model free systems in aversive learning
  • Vellani V, Garrett N, Gaule A, Patil KR & Sharot T (in prep) Heritability of belief updating is valence dependent
  • Dundon NM, Garrett N, Babenko V, Cieslak M, Daw ND, Grafton ST (in prep) Global and contextual hysteresis in value-based action-selection
  • Ossola P, Bishara A, Garrett N & Marchesi C (in prep) Anhedonia in the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task